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Download Folders of Pictures of New Hope

FIRST download the Adobe PDF file with details of all pictures that are available. Photos are grouped by photographer. Download PDF file first to decide which folder is worth the time to download.
WARNING: These are mostly large files for print use. They take time to download.
Files are compressed .ZIP files that can be opened by Winzip (free download available at Each file has large editable .JPEG images. 

Or you can contact the New Hope Chamber of Commerce for a CD of all of these images.

Download People enjoying New Hope's pleasures by Bob Krist. (33 photos)

Download New Hope Arts and Crafts Festival by Gordon Nieburg. (72 photos)

Download Best of seasons and scenes by Gordon Nieburg. (102 photos)

Download Mostly new Arts and Crafts Festival by Gordon Nieburg.(50 photos)

Download Summer and Fall scenic pictures by Fred Eisen and Sharon Flanagan.
         All photos on this site are included. (75 photos)

Download Trolley, High Heeled Race, and Christmas Photos (1 each)

Download 11" x 17" 2006 Poster for New Hope Outdoor Arts and Crafts Festival

Download 8 1/2" x 11" 2006 Flyer for New Hope Outdoor Arts and Crafts Festival
         (Reminder) This is high resolution and can take quite awhile

Download 2006 Festival Brochure

Download 2006 Arts and Crafts Festival photos by Sharon Flanagan

Download 2008 Festival Pictures and Winners by Linda Brown (92 Photos)

Download 2008 Festival Brochure (un-edited)

Emily-2007 Exhibitors    Fred Eisen

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New Hope PA is a great place to visit and an even better place to live.